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Mount Airy Project 

Small Town Feel, By Design 

Making Mount Airy’s Small-Town Vision a Reality 

When Mount Airy developed its Downtown Master Plan in 2018, it partnered with award-winning land use planning and design firm Design Collective of Baltimore. The result was a Master Plan that reflected the will and vision of the residents and leaders of Mount Airy – a roadmap for the future that retained the town’s small-town charm. 


Five years later, Pleasants Development has partnered with the same firm –

Design Collective – to bring that vision to reality. Our plan honors the

Mount Airy Master Plan by using the same guiding principles: 

· Creating walkable centers   · Integrating a mix of uses ·

· Strengthening building frontage ·

· Establishing open space amenities  · Promoting complete streets ·


Using thoughtful design and responsible development practices, we have a plan that will move Mount Airy forward while keeping Mount Airy small – consistent with the Mount Airy Downtown Vision Plan approved in February 2019. 


Making Connections 

Town planners have long wanted to extend Center Street to Route 27 – making it a direct route between Main Street and Route 27. Our plan provides this needed connection. In addition, our plan extends Century Drive, creating a second access from the Twin Arch Business Park to Route 27. Our plan would accomplish these goals and offer Mount Airy the perfect opportunity to establish the town’s identity at a new and welcoming town entranceway.


Our plan will also offer a safe and convenient streetscape where pedestrians and bicyclists can enjoy the beauty of their small town alongside motorists. We envision a downtown that is warm and welcoming – neighborly – just as Mount Airy has been for over 120 years. 

Happy Family with Pets

Striking a Balance 

Our plan is intentionally balanced between a mix of uses – creating a natural extension of Mount Airy’s Downtown, offering a walkable neighborhood with a mix of residential and commercial uses while also preserving more than 22 acres of open space – all on a 91-acre tract commonly known as the Beck Property. That’s more than double the amount of open space required under the existing Mixed Use Development (MXD) zone, which was developed with just this type of project in mind.


Honoring the Beck Family 

The Beck family has been a mainstay of Mount Airy for more than a century, serving our nation and our community in numerous ways over the decades. They have a deep and abiding love for Mount Airy, and their voice and vision are embedded in our plan. 


With the Beck Family as our guide, and the community as our priority, we are honored to be part of their lasting legacy keeping Mount Airy small while also making it a more vibrant place to live, work and play! 

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